About Me

Hey guys,

My name is Krish, I’m a student currently pursuing my education in Accounting. For a long time I’ve always wished there was an Indian breakfast joint in Houston that offered healthy and fresh breakfast food to fill up our tummies before we get on with our busy daily lives. After realizing that Houston was lacking greatly in that aspect, I decided to take the matter into my own hands.


I, along with a close friend of mine from college, decided to start up an authentic South Indian style breakfast service providing exactly that, fast and fresh idlis and dosas for breakfast. That’s how we came up with Flying Idlis.


Our aim is to provide fresh home-made vegetarian food, for our fellow Idli and Dosa lovers, for the lowest price possible along with high quality and taste that cannot be matched anywhere else in Houston. Our food is freshly made as soon as you place an order. We are constantly growing our menu to provide a wide variety of options for our customers and greatly welcome feedback from our Idli and Dosa lovers. We look forward to giving you a head start on your day with our delicious food!



We Cater For All Events And Parties!!!